Casa Cueva Lopera



Lopera is a rural village of Cortes and Graena. A tranquil place with a rural ambiance of times past. It's phenomenal location is perfect for relaxing or for enjoying the diverse activities that can be done in the open air, without ever being too far from the cities of Granada, Guadix, the Sierra Nevada or the beach.

There are two cave houses, Cueva Olivo (VTAR/GR/00328) and Cueva Margarita (VTAR/GR/00340), situated at the head of the river Fardes, at an altitude of 1000 metres, and with a huge concentration of natural springs that assure the cleanest air and the purist water..

The cave houses theirself has been totally excavated and built by hand through a technique no longer used, which give the houses their own unique ambience. It is situated in an exceptional location far from the tendency of overcrowding found with other accommodation.

The houses has a truly natural climate with a constant temperature inside all year round. In winter it is a delight to warm yourself naturally, and in the fullness of summer you have the luxury of being able to have a siesta or sleep at night with a blanket.